Ms. Aanya has authored two books under her previous name, Chetana Alex.

She had this to say about her choice to change her full name legally at the age of 35. As humans, we cross different stages of life with new identities. Knowing yourself is one of the biggest adventures you will undertake to define your life. The new may not always identify you are who you were previously. Then the time comes for you to make that leap of faith. Sometimes something as simple as redefining one’s name can feel empowering. I have chosen my first name as Aanya, symbolising Resurrection. I would greatly appreciate it if you could call me AANYA going forward on my new journey. The last name JAl is inspired by the love for my country,

Jai Hind.”

The Becoming is a unique memoir of an Indian girl who grew up to become a psychologist, expressed in the form of poetry that spans almost seventeen years. It narrates the metamorphosis of all the catalytic cameos a woman plays; a daughter, friend, sister, wife, mother and most of all a human being seeking to find meaning, worth, and purpose to make sense of her circumstances and experiences.

A transformational journey that carries within it the hope of individuation. Categorized based on Carl Jung’s twelve archetypes like ‘The Rebel’, ‘The Philosopher’, ‘The Lover’, ‘And the Altruist’ the poems reflect different moods and dispositions to give deep personal insights into human thought, feeling, and behavior. The choice of artwork comprising various artists has an emotional appeal to the author. The theme surfs on emotions tilted towards constructive resilience and the peregrination of healing and coping.

The author empathetically shares life’s incongruencies and analogies to allow the reader to reflect on various realms of consciousness and alchemize their own versions of Being.

Her first book which she co-authored with her then colleagues, was an endeavor to bring to the masses real-life experiences which seemed authentic.

Why do breakups shake up the lives of some, whereas few can pick up their lives and move on? How does one navigate from a breakdown to a breakthrough?

With this book, we bring you several real stories. Few are a reflection of first-hand or vicarious experiences, others are inspired by break-up cases helped by the counselors at BetterLYF.

We have made an attempt to simplify the basic concepts of Psychology as well as Therapy. Each chapter pertains to various stages, situations, and emotions involved in moving on from a breakup.

We intend to bring you an understanding of failure in relationships in various contexts, it’s impact on one’s life, the probable causes of choosing one coping response from another, and the way of combating the associated emotions that heartbreak brings in.

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